Gaza Campaign

In the face of the grave challenges endured by our besieged brothers and sisters in Gaza, and the relentless pressures of settler colonialism on Jerusalem, the West Bank, and beyond, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by helplessness. Yet, even amidst the looming genocide and the destruction of our homes, streets, culture, and lives, hope remains our steadfast companion—a beacon of resilience that cannot be dimmed.

The destruction of historic buildings in Gaza is not merely the loss of physical structures; it's a devastating blow to our shared heritage and identity. With approximately 420 historic buildings standing as testaments to our rich history and cultural legacy, their survival is paramount. These buildings, scattered across Gaza's shuttered landscape, embody the spirit of our people and serve as anchors of community in their homeland.

Now, more than ever, our Gazan brothers and sisters need our unwavering support. While our efforts may seem trivial in the face of such immense destruction, they are imbued with profound significance. As guardians of cultural heritage, it is our collective responsibility to stand in solidarity with Gaza, supporting both the preservation of its architectural treasures and the resilience of its people. 

RIWAQ is launching a much-needed campaign to raise funds for the "Adaptation and Rehabilitation of Dar Farah Historic Building in the City of Gaza" as part of a bigger project. Located in the Zaytoun neighborhood, in the heart of Gaza Old City, the building holds immense cultural and social value. Partnering with the Gaza Culture and Development Group, a committed organization dedicated to community empowerment, RIWAQ aims to breathe new life into this space, transforming it into a beacon of hope and opportunity for Gazans of all ages.

We urge you to join us in this noble endeavor, contributing to the restoration of the Dar Farah Historic Building. Your support will not only safeguard Gaza's cultural heritage but will also provide a sanctuary for countless individuals and groups who seek refuge and safety.

RIWAQ has been one of the main actors working in Palestine on preserving and protecting cultural heritage through coordination with actors on the ground, providing technical support and mobilizing resources for the process.

While the Gaza reconstruction process (after the ceasefire) will be focused on housing, infrastructure, health and educational facilities; cultural heritage will most probably be neglected or not prioritized. These projects aim to prioritize heritage protection and reconstruction as a main pillar for resilience, socioeconomic support and recovery of the city and its community.