Agricultural Lands | Al Jib

Maris Al kharouba


is an agricultural land in Al-Jib village, located in the northwestern part of the village. The land is located near the Al-Jib checkpoint today and the settlement of Givat Ze'ev


Maris Al Maghariq:


is agricultural land in the village of al-Jib and is located in the western part of the village. Agricultural land is located next to Bir Aziz, which was a main source of irrigation for crops on this land. The land was called Maghariq (Flooded land) because it was filled with water during the winter season.



Oral history sketches 




Narrators: Ahlam Allan / Sketches by: Dana Abbas (top) , Saja Mansour (bottom) / 19.10.2020




Sketch 1


Sketch 2