Pottery | Al Jib

Pottery making was the main craft in Al Jib and an important part of its ancient history. The village was known for its production of pottery vessels, many of which can be seen in the archaeological sites in the village. The craft of pottery making continued until recent years. The craft is no longer is being practiced in the village.


Pottery making in the previous period was practiced by the women in the village, who used to make pots and jars, which were sold in Jerusalem or taken to other cities in some cases, Jaffa. This craft formed different geographical links with the surroundings of Al Jib village. Al jib depended on tis surrounding locations for raw materials, Soil from Al matayen area and salt from Al Nabi Samuel.



Oral history sketches 


Narrators: Na'emeh Theeb, Hana' Allan, Ahlam Allan- Al Jib / Sketches by: Dana Abbas(Top, Bottom) , Mohammed Abualrob (Middle) 16.8.2020/ 27.10.2019/ 19.11.2020



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