Hana' Allan & Amal Abudayyeh

Hana Allan (Umm Ihab): A woman from Al Jib who is currently the president of the Women’s Association in the village. She spoke about her memories of her grandmother’s residence in the Old City, even though she did not live there. She also talked about the economic life in Al Jib during the sixties and seventies, when the people of Al Jib worked in agriculture and sold their crops in Jerusalem. She also focused on  the history of making pottery pots including the locations of the raw materials sites around Al Jib. She also mentioned how the pottery made in Al Jib were sold in Jerusalem and Jaffa.





Oral history sketches 




Narrators: Hana' Allan, Amal - Al Jib / Sketches by: Yara Bamieh /  27.10.2019




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