Na'eemeh Theeb | Al Jib

A woman from Al Jib, born in 1948, has worked as a farmer all her life. Naima talked about the life of peasants and the geopolitical and economic changes that affected the agricultural lands in which they were cultivated, the seasons and the quality of crops. She also talked about the process of drying seeds to be used or sold in the next season. She also mentioned the pottery craft history in Al Jib, and specially about Warda Abd Rabbo, the last woman who worked in the manufacture of pots.


نعيمة ذيب
Na'eemeh Theeb 



Oral history sketches 


Narrators: Na'eemeh Theeb / Sketches by: Dana Abbas (Top) , Mohammed Abualrob (middle), Aya Tahhan (Bottom) 16.08.2020




Sketch 1


Sketch 2Sketch 3Sketch 4