Water wells | Qalandia

Since Jerusalem rural areas relied on agriculture as main production practice, wells and springs formed was central in forming the trails and relationships between the different villages. Some villages such as Qalandia relied on their several wells (Bir al-Qassis, Bir al-'Azum, Bir al-Rasas, Bir Al Homeh, Bir Al natsheh), but they also depended on the springs of Al jib and Umm al-Sharayet to cover any water shortage. 



Oral history sketches 


Narrators: Abdelhalim Hamdieh, Nafeeseh Hussien - Qalandia / Sketches by: Mohammed Abualrob (Top) , Dana Abbas (middle), Aya Tahhan (Bottom) 3.11.2019


Sketch 1


Sketch 2



Sketch 3