Al Sheikh Hamed Shrine | Al Jib

This architectural monument is considered to be one of the most important features of Al-Jib village for being closely related to the everyday’s socio-religious life in the village. The shrine is located on the northern edge of the historic center standing out with its green dome, and its interior walls enriched with red and blue murals surrounding the Sheikh’s tomb. Along with other shrines in Palestine and the Levant in general, it is likely that the shrine’s building goes back to the Mamluk period or has been renovated in that time. While being detached from the people’s everyday life, Al Sheikh Hamed is still present in the narration of villagers telling the stories of its honoring, the vows that were presented to it, and the women who covered it with garments.

During one of the oral history sessions in Al Jib, a women recalls: ‘Those who made vows, vowed to cover the shrine with a dark green garment. We used to go every Thursday and lit our oil lamps there. We would put sweets near the Sheikh’s shrine asking for his mercy and say: “Oh Al-Sheikh Hamed, God please accept from us.”


Hana' Video
Hana' recalling the Shrine



Oral history sketches 

Narrators: Hana' Allan & Amal Abu Dayyeh / Sketches by: Haneen Nazzal (Left) , Faris Salah (right), Aya Tahhan (bottom) / 27.10.2019