Al Jib (Um Al Tawabeen)

Al Jib village is located 10 km north-west of Jerusalem. The village's historic centre is located on a hilltop from which buildings have spread down the foothills on its eastern, northern and western slopes. From the west, a road leads up to the site, passing the village cemetery and the entrance to the historic site. The road turns left between the old mosque and the village water cistern, and stops at the southern and main entrance to the historic centre. According to documented oral history, the historic town was formed of eleven blocks: Al Harobah; Al Sera; Al Makeyl; Ain Al Asafeyr; the western block; Al Shamieh; the town centre; Al Zeqaq; Ali’s block Hait al Qal’a (the castle wall); Al Fakhora; and Al Sheikh Hamed. Several clans have dwelled in the village such as Abu Hmoud, Abu Dayyeh, Al Sha’abneh, Al Halayqa, Tayyoun, Ayesh, Assaf and Khattab



الجيب_ امل وهناء
Hanaa' & Amal:  The cooking area 


Oral history sketches 



Narrators: Hana' Allan & Amal Abu Dayyeh / Sketches by: Faris Salah, Yara Bamieh, Haneen Nazzal, Mohammed Abualrob (bottom),  / 27.10.2019