Jaba' - Kafr Aqab Trail

The Exhibition


When we leave Kafr Aqab towards Jaba’ from the main traffic road, we arrive carried with chaotic perceptions and observations. Nevertheless, arriving at the far eastern end of Jaba’ and taking a look at the open horizon to the east and north, discloses rich opportunities to connect and reach Kafr Aqab and adjacent areas via natural walks. Henceforth, the arrival imparts to our minds diverse layers of history, environment, topography, geography and urbanism.


This exhibition unveils the various interpretations collected from different participants following the organized hikes between the historic centers of Jaba’ and Kafr Aqab. The trail aims at questioning our notion of borders and maps by checking in our backscapes and exploring their natural setting. 


The series of walks organized by Riwaq invited different participants from the nearby communities as well as interested hikers and others of diverse disciplines to converse between themselves and to contribute their input from the natural setting stretching between the two Historic centers.