Events at Riwaq


RIWAQ’s office space inhabits a beautiful 1930’s villa and garden in al Bireh; a building that is both beautiful and functional to our team. For this simple fact, we share this space with others to enjoy, and in doing so, hope that new ideas and actions may come to life.


We open our doors and our garden on a biweekly basis for friends and newcomers to participate in what we like to think of as a “thought provoking” exercise.  Every other Wednesday, RIWAQ organizes a “break” for its staff and visitors; this could take the form of a seminar, a talk, a book reading, discussion, or film. We host local and international speakers and show artistic, political, and alternative films. The topics are multidisciplinary and welcome staff and community members alike.


We host most of our celebrations and outdoor events in the garden and offer our meeting room and outdoor space for community members to use at no cost.